EPO-TEK 技术文件

Tech pape


Tech paper 004: H20E, H70 and H90 in hybrid microwave IC

Tech paper 012: Epoxy bleed out in ceramic chip carriers

Tech paper 013: Preventing skin irritation

Tech paper 020: H20E in high density hermetic assembly

Tech paper 021: The effects of mix ratio and pot age on electrical and mechanical performance of H20E

Tech paper 022: Long term strength characteristics of conductive epoxies H20E and H21D

Tech paper 024: H70E-2 glob top

Tech paper 038: Medical grade epoxy adhesives

Tech paper 041: Wafer Protection with Screen Printable Polyimide TV1002 and TV1003

Tech paper 042: Advanced Boron Nitride Epoxy Formulations T7109

Tech paper 043: Statistical Process Control Applied to Automated Dispensing ECA

Tech paper 045: Solder Joints vs Conductive Adhesive Bonds

Tech paper 047: Study of Rf Flip-Chip Assembly with Underfill Epoxy 353ND-LH

Tech paper 048: Conductive Adhesives for Thermal Management

Tech paper 050: SMT Adhesive Dispensing

Tech paper 051: Epoxies for OptoElectronic Packaging 353ND

Tech paper 052: A Compact Ultrasonic Transducer H20E and H70E

Tech paper 053: Composite Ultrasound Transducer Arrays 301 and 301-2

Tech paper 054: Reliability and Degradation of OLEDs 730

Tech paper 055: Assembly of LCoS Display OG116-31

Tech paper 059: Compatibility of Medical Devices and Materials with Low Temperature Hydrogen 353ND 320 354 314 377 305 310

Tech paper 060: Preventing Adhesive Resin Bleed in Microelectronics Devices through Gas Plasma Treating

Tech paper 061: Screen Printable Polymers for Wafer Level Packaging

Tech paper 063: A three-axis micro positioner for ultrahigh vacuum use H35-175MP

Tech paper 064: High Frequency Properties of Passive Materials for Ultrasonic devices 353ND 301-2 H20E-PFC H20E EJ2189